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Spring Session

3/6 - 5/22

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will have smaller online ensembles with similarly skilled students in a 45-minute Zoom session working on the same chamber music pieces. We will roughly divide the 45-minute session so that each musician plays and gets individualized instruction as well as ensemble work. Rem will make custom arrangements of the music and provide “music minus one” recordings to the kids so that they can play their parts with accompaniment music.  Our young musicians will get more individualized music instruction and learn the modern skills of playing with a click track, playing while listening to recordings, and even recording themselves!   

  • 10 Saturday rehearsals 
    (March 6 – May 22)

  • 9am-12pm (will run in 45 mins sessions)

  • Virtual Concert May 22

  • Cost: $220

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