Welcome to YPCO

YPCO is holding in-person rehearsals for our

2021-2022 season

Saturday mornings 10-11:30am

Our Fall Season is underway.
Please contact manager@ypco.org to see if we have space.


Our Spring Season begins on 1/8/2022 Registration is open.

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COVID guidelines: We will be following the guidelines set out by the City of Berkeley, and St. John’s.  The orchestra will have a group of no more than 20 musicians, socially distanced, masked. All three adult employees are fully vaccinated. We will not be having snack break to minimize interactions, and no parents will be allowed inside during rehearsals, to minimize exposure.  Stands and chairs will be set up by the vaccinated adults, with distancing, and they will be sanitized between uses. Restrooms will be available for use by the kids, sanitized by the church, and we will only allow one child in at a time.  We’ll have a separate entrance and exit from the space (in the event that we end up with two groups they will not “overlap” and we’ll use different chairs/stands for the second group).

Please visit our Contact page to request more info.

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